Monday, January 7

seventh year

Seven years ago yesterday we said "I do". It's hard to believe it's been that long. One the one hand it feels like yesterday, but in a way it also feels like we've been together forever. We had a lovely brunch at one of our favorite spots (I kid you not, I order that dish specifically for that little wedge of onion heaven) and enjoyed a nice, quiet relaxing day (which included watching the Seahawks win).
I love heels, and these wedges are my absolute fave, but I have to be careful in them. I swear they are secretly out to kill me. :/
The night before we went with some friends to see Les Miserables. I love that story and couldn't think of a more fitting movie to see to celebrate our Anniversary. Love you, Bryan!
Sweater|ALC, Jeans|J Brand, Shoes|Charles David, Sunnies|B's Ray Bans


  1. I love you both!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    Love the Coach bag -- you wear it so well.

  3. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Congratulations on lucky 7!