Friday, January 4


You try taking photos by yourself in your front yard and tell me if your neighbors don't look at you weird. I feel like a shy little mouse poking my head out the door, tripod and remote in hand waiting for the all clear before I trip out the door to take a few photos. Daylight Saving Time is a challenge, but we do what we can.

I like to think I'm making up for the darker days with this bright citron topper coat. I picked this up in July and am just now able to wear it. It warms me up, inside and out!

Top|Trina Turk, Tee|J Crew, Pants|Rachel Roy, Jacket|Helene Berman, Pumps|Michael Kors


  1. The bright yellow is so cheery! (And looks great on you!)

  2. Anonymous10:23 AM

    This jacket, like the pink blazer, is another fun strong bold color. You wear these bold colors well!