Monday, November 19

formula one

On Friday Bryan and I spent the day at the new Circuit of the Americas here in Austin, Texas. It was so thrilling to be a part of the Inaugural event at the track for my first Formula 1 experience.
We not only watched three 90 minute practice sessions for the drivers, but we were able to see both Ferraris and Porsches race. We both love cars and racing, so it was fun to spend the day together. We also enjoyed taking the new car out to the track as well. I'm already excited for next year!
The day started out chilly, but warmed up significantly, especially while we sat in the sun for hours. There was also a lot of walking, so layers and comfort were my first priority.
Jacket|AE, Blouse|Equipment, Leggings|Lululemon, Watch|Michael Kors, Boots|Miz Mooz


  1. Anonymous11:00 AM

    Perfect casual day outfit. I always adore black and light denim mixed together. The new hair is lovely!

  2. Very pretty casual outfit. I love that watch.

  3. I think the new hair color makes your eye color pop. That is a good thing!

  4. Thanks! I'm loving my hair too. It took a few days to adjust, but now I like it better than it was!

  5. Rachel M.6:57 PM

    I reading back to catch up on your blog and I have to say, the way you are wearing your hair in these photos is incredibly flattering! I LOVE it!