Thursday, October 18


Volume has never bothered me. In fact, it's quite comfortable. I get that ideally we are supposed to accentuate our waists, but sometimes it's just fun bending the rules a little. I personally like pairing volume with something more fitted. I haven't tried volume on volume just yet.
I have decided that I like classic pieces worn in a more modern, edgy way. I can't wait to pair this top with (f)leather leggings and a boyfriend jacket. :)

Top|Topshop, Leggings|Vince, Booties|Cole Haan, Watch|Michael Kors, Bracelet|Sequin


  1. Great outfit and hairstyle, Sarah. You look lovely.

  2. This is really pretty, Sara. I think that it works so well for you because you are so fit. Your hair looks beautiful this way and I love the keyhole detail on the back of your tunic. Pretty.

  3. I think this is a case of more is less. It looks less voluminous than you described. It is so sophisticated that it is very sexy..I bet your husband loves this one.