Wednesday, October 3

shoes glorious shoes

I now leave home in the morning exactly one hour earlier than I did with my previous job. And because I don't believe in waking up before 6am, that means I have exactly one hour less to get ready in the mornings.
I have made organization a huge priority over the past several weeks to help me streamline my morning routine. A big project was to organize my shoes. The pile at the bottom of the closet was not working.
My husband rearranged the hanging shelves in the closet to allow space for a bookshelf. We found a shelf at Ikea that fit the dimensions and I moved all my shoes to the shelf. This has been such a life saver. Not only are my shoes easy to find every day, but it's too easy to put them away because they look so pretty displayed like this!
My closet is far from finished, but I'll be sure to show you the progress along the way. It's not a large space, but I'm trying to make the most with what I have.

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  1. What a clever idea! I find a smaller, organized closet is really key to getting ready quickly in the morning. I also plan out my outfit the night before. This way I can grab and go after my shower.