Monday, October 15

second time

I opened my closet and decided on the what-haven't-I-worn-in-awhile method, and realized I have only worn this jacket one time (documented here). I do love it, of course, but it has a unique shape and a unique color, and hasn't quite been a go-to.
So I decided to try it in a different way, and this is what I came up with. I like wearing jackets as tops if the style allows. It makes them that much more versatile.
Work has been pretty hectic lately, but taking the time to still look my best really does help. It's like putting my best step (or shoe, haha) forward. It does make a difference. To me, anyway! :)

 Jacket|Classiques Entier, Necklace|Nordstrom, Shoes|Michael Kors

1 comment:

  1. I really love the jacket as a top! With the BELT! and leo heels? Gorgeous-top to toe.