Monday, October 1


I am so excited for fall. I love the layering of colors and textures, and can't WAIT until it's cold enough to remix this blouse with my furries and leather. But for now I'll be content with a (f)leather skirt, brown pumps, and my new teal blue bag.

I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday, so I'm 100% in the mood for the chilly. Hurry up Texas! :)

Leather skirt|Nordstrom (old), Blouse|Bellatrix, Shoes|Modern Vintage, Bag|Botkier


  1. I like your 40's inspired hair. I can't get used to you as a blonde, but it does look good! It's 61 degrees here right now, so that's pretty close to fall weather! We've been enjoying it.

  2. SARAH!!!!! You should wear your hair like that more often. WOW. You look simply stunning. Brilliant!

    1. Thanks! I'm definitely into waves right now, but they do take time...which I don't have much these days.

  3. Love it, Sarah! Every bit, from the teal bag to those lovely face-framing waves!

  4. This is beautiful! Love the new teal bag!

  5. Oooo! Hey- I have a fondness for teal/turquoise bags myself. ;)

  6. Thanks for all your kind comments!
    Brenda, we are supposed to hit 90 again on Friday, but we have another cool front on Saturday. Can. Not. Wait.

  7. I love this outfit!! The overall style makes me think 70s. Your hair looks great that way, and all of the accessories are perfect with this look!!