Monday, October 22

it's pink

This jacket is actually pink. Tropical pink to be exact. On my computer it looks red, on my iPad it looks pink, so whatever you have, just know it's pink. :)

Anyway. I had a great weekend, although it was too short. I'm a little depressed that the weather is warming back up again, although it is windy now, as you can see.

I'm generally not one for rules when it comes to fashion, but I do have some guidelines. Especially if I look at an outfit and feel like something might be a little off, I turn to my guidelines to see maybe what I could do to improve. One of my guidelines is never pair two solids together unless there is a print or texture to act as a sort of glue. In this case, my pumps.

But don't hold me to it. I may or may not follow my own guidelines all the time. That's the beauty of making your own, I suppose! :)

Dress and Jacket|Rag and Bone, Shoes|Stuart Weitzman, Jewelry|Ann Taylor, Nordstrom, Kate Spade


  1. As if I need to remind you: YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL.

    *whisper* Yay, warm weather. :D

  2. gorgeous!