Wednesday, September 26


I personally enjoy shopping for clothing over accessories.
However, after spending some time browsing my outfits over the past few months, I realized that my accessory collection is seriously lacking in comparison.
Mixing accessories is not something I do often. I like to find a perfect look and stick with it for simplicity.
But nothing breathes new life into existing outfits like remixing accessories or adding something new once in awhile. So lately, I've been looking for unique pieces to add to my collection.
I found this pretty little thing at a consignment shop this past weekend
Where do you find accessories? Do you intentionally shop for them or just pick pieces that appeal to you as you find them? Are you satisfied with your current collection?

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  1. I am very picky about my accessories for type. I usually sport necklaces or scarves. I'm not a big fan of bracelets (can't handle the clanking against the keyboard all day at work) or earrings (long hair so you never see them) or rings (wedding one's are enough for me). But I have a big variety of necklaces and scarves. I keep an eye out everytime I shop for a new addition at a good price.