Wednesday, September 12


While we are experiencing slightly cooler temps heading in to fall, it is still a bit on the warm side. But thankfully, I am still able to pull out some of my fall Anniversary Sale finds. Like I mentioned before, my goal is to find pieces I can wear year 'round. This blouse (hello, wind), these pumps, and this bracelet will be staples no matter what the temperature.
It's funny, people always comment on my heel height at work. I don't purposefully wear the highest heels I can find, they just happen to be the most comfortable on my feet. I have very high arches (thanks, Mom), and heels are actually more comfy than flats.
Which is fine by me. I love heels. :)
Top|Joie, Skirt|Zara, Shoes|Stuart Weitzman, Clutch|Express, Bracelet|Kate Spade


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    How tall are you? I am 5'11" and when I wear heels somewhere around 6'2" or 6'3". People ALWAYS ask why I don't wear flats...why not wear heels?

    1. I'm "only" 5'7" and get asked the same thing! You rock those heels!!

  2. LOVE.IT.ALL. Who wouldn't want to wear THOSE heels? So perfectly comfortable those SW shoes....:)

  3. This is so classic. Love the shoes.