Wednesday, September 5

best of summer part three

This dress is not only my third and final "best of summer", it's actually one of my favorite things in my closet. I've worn it as often as I could without being too obvious. It's cool, comfortable, and effortless. I love that it's ultra feminine and has such unique detailing that gives it this flirty shape.

I'm now packing this dress away until next Spring, when no doubt it will be a favorite once again.

Have you packed away any summer things yet? What are you most excited about pulling out again in the Spring?

Dress|Marc by Marc Jacobs, Sandals|Modern Vintage, Watch|Michael Kors, Bracelet|Kate Spade (via Buffalo Exchange)


  1. The cut on this dress is really nice. You look pretty as always.

  2. Lovely dress and you look great in it!

    I wish I could put my summer clothes away. But we have at least two more months until the heat goes away... ish (Middle East, what can you do?)