Monday, August 20

perfect additions

I've been trying (and trying) not to buy any more summer pieces because I personally love fall, and it's almost here (well, two months more here). But for my last trip up to Seattle I decided I needed to finally break down and get a proper denim jacket. I love having a denim jacket in my closet because it is the easiest way to dress down my otherwise dressier closet.

Then while in Seattle, I stopped into TJMaxx with my family one day (their store is much better than mine...I've noticed these types of stores change regionally) and I found the exact necklace I'd drooled over through the glass of a Nordstrom jewelry case. Eighty five dollars off felt like a steal, and I'm so excited to incorporate this funky piece into my closet. Year 'round, too!

Dress|J Crew (last seen here), Jacket|American Eagle, Necklace|TJMaxx, Sandals|Sam Edelman


  1. OBSESSED with your new necklace!!!! WOW!

  2. That necklace is fabulous and you're right, the stores do vary by region. I always find the best pieces when we go to back to Tennessee!

    P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, it's good to be back :)

  3. I have that exact jacket-- love it! Actually, I wore a very similar outfit just a few days ago (colorful flower dress and denim jacket).

  4. Funny how when you're looking for one thing you find the other thing that you almost had given up on. I suspected for a long time that similar items are priced differently depending upon where you shop and live.

  5. Great find with the necklace, it's a fun looking piece! And nice denim jacket. I really need to add one of these cropped one's to my closet.