Wednesday, August 22


I - ahem - Bryan recently installed a water filter for the showerhead and it has done wonders for my hair. It wasn't until I felt how smooth and silky my hair was after a wash in the Pacific Northwest that I realized how dull and gritty my hair feels after a wash here in comparison. I had heard about using a filter for the showerhead and decided to try it for myself.

You can find filters on the cheap at home improvement stores or higher end versions at beauty retail stores. After just one wash my hair felt so smooth and had significantly less frizz. I have had several compliments and was even asked what new products I was using! I actually don't have to use any with the filter! My hair is much softer and easier to style.

If your hair feels dull after a wash, or you have to use a lot of product to get it to cooperate, try a filter and see how it goes. I've heard it's even better for your skin too!


  1. You move fast! ;) Thanks for the review!

  2. Interesting, I've never thought to try a shower filter.

  3. I'm a week into using this, and it's so amazing! I can't believe how much softer my hair is...