Friday, August 31

best of summer part two

Skinny pants? Check. Oversize blouse? Check. This combination is another summer staple. I have several pair of skinny pants/jeans and a few oversize blouses, and this silhouette has been effortless for summer. Even though the top has long sleeves, the look is simple, breezy, and is quite comfortable.

These pants are fun. The print is subtle, but they have a slight snakeskin foil print on top. This dot blouse is one of my favorite blouses period. Get it? Ha.

I hope you have a great weekend! I'm looking forward to a three day weekend myself, and college football season starts tomorrow!! Hook 'em!

Top|Equipment, Jeans|Hudson, Shoes|Michael Kors, Jewels|Michael Kors, Ann Taylor, Nails|Butter London British Racing Green


  1. GORGEOUS. I think it is refreshing that you went with a nude cami under the Equipment blouse. Love those jeans...print and fit! And of course, that blouse is one of my favs, too. :) The BL Racing Green looks beautiful on you, also.

    Hook 'em. :D Let's hope for a great season in order to preserve household happiness.

  2. The close up with the watch really shows off the jeans subtle print. And thanks for the motivation, after seeing you rock some colored jeans, I picked up a pair of green one's the other day to freshen up my neutrals. Now I keep reaching for them!

  3. The top is always look so perfect!