Monday, August 27

best of summer part one

With the end of summer (technically) almost here, I thought I'd share my most frequently worn warm weather looks.

This has to be number one. I picked up this dress in the Spring and have worn it on average once a week ever since. It's comfortable and cool, but still professional enough that it doesn't say "I give up". Because on many hot days that's exactly what I felt like doing. Ugh.

Another sign of summer coming to a close is that school starts today. Which means traffic will be a  beast. Which means I need to leave now. No, really, like now. Have a good Monday!

Dress|Laundry by Shelli Segal, Shoes|Elizabeth and James, Bracelets|Nordstrom


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  2. Pretty lace dress, and very refreshing to see blue lace instead of the usual black or white lace.