Friday, July 13


TGIF!! I've had a fairly busy week, and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Although that is busy too, actually. ;) I'm most excited to watch the 2012 Crossfit Games. Every year, the elitest Crossfit athletes meet for a full weekend of competition, doing a little bit of everything. Only half of the workouts are disclosed ahead of time. It's amazing to see these men and women face everything thrown at them, giving their best regardless. It's very inspiring and makes me that much more proud of my sport.

Having gone to my Nordstrom Anniversay pre sale this week, I'm motivated to wear all things summery before its too late. Not that there's any hurry, I have five months of summer left to work with. I hope I can make it without purchasing anything else because fall clothes are just that much more fun for me.

Do you have any exciting weekend plans?

Top|Milly, Jeans|J Brand, Shoes|See by Chloe, Bag|Rebecca Minkoff


  1. Love this outfit! The top is so sweet and the shoes.....I just want them!

    Exciting weekend plans....mine always include dance!

  2. So THAT'S the new Milly blouse!!! Yes, yes! Love. I dig you in those espadrilles....they look super comfy.

  3. Lovely colors on you. ANd how fun are those shoes with the yellow ties? Great finds!