Sunday, July 15

mean eyed cat

This past weekend I had to work, so afterwards Bryan picked me up and we did a few things around town, including stopping by this little joint in Austin. The Mean Eyed Cat, a full on Johnny Cash tribute. It's fun finding these little places in our great city. I love the diversity and culture of Austin. There's something for everyone here! And of course I do love Johnny Cash. I have many memories of riding in my Grandpa's Ford Ranger, listening to to Cash.

It's hard to believe that Monday is already here, but I'm always thankful when I've had a good weekend to look back on.

Vest|Old Navy, Top|J Crew, Jeans|J Brand, Necklace|Kate Spade, Bag|Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes|Nine West


  1. I'm going to have to get to Texas one of these days to soak up some Austin culture!

  2. I am LOVING your stick straight hair....and last summer's favorites look just as fresh this summer. Gorgeous. Will have to check out your new dive. ;)

  3. That black pump adds the little bit of edge to this outfit to make it really fab. And fun background here too!