Monday, July 30

cotton candy

This dress reminds me of cotton candy. Mmm. I wore it out this past weekend, but I personally think it would be perfect for a day wedding. Except all of my friends are married already. :)

I love it when something so wrong turns out to be so right. Wide horizontal stripes? No problem!

I hope you have a great Monday. I'm looking forward to a partner 7000m row tonight after work. The Olympics are so inspiring and I hope to channel that as motivation.

Dress|Kate Spade, Shoes|Michael Kors, Bracelets|Nordstrom, Hair|Getting done this weekend, yesss!


  1. Strawberry whirl soft serve ... divine. It would also be fabulous for a baptism/christening, high tea date or gal-pals lunch date :0). Just fabulous.

  2. Sarah, did you ever think you would be able to rock wide horizontal stripes in a neon color? I love that dress!

    Throw your white jacket over it for work and you're brightening up the office for the rest of the summer.

    As I learn more about fashion for the professional woman, I really appreciate your sense of style. I noticed that you focus on one trending thing at a time- like the dress today- and keep everything else quiet and classy- like the nude heels and signature gold watch.

    Love you girl, as always. :)

  3. I think you look super cute!!


  5. Such a cute dress! It really does remind me of cotton candy. And they always say to stay away from horizontal stripes but I don't see why? This is super flattering on you!

  6. Great dress! Makes me smile.

  7. This dress is so pretty. The detail at the neckline is very nice as well as the simple, clean lines of the dress and the bold striped.

    I also want to tell you that I tried Moroccan oil! You have praised it highly several times in your posts and I finally got the nerve to try it. I thought it would leave an oily residue in my hair (because of the 'oil' in the name) but it doesn't! I leaves my fine hair super soft with a nice boost of body. Love it!

    1. I'm happy to hear it!