Monday, July 2

christmas in july

I received my Nordstrom Anniversay Sale catalog over the weekend. I saved it until I had a moment to myself. There's something exciting about cracking open the first page. My husband laughed at me, but he does the same thing when there is a new release for a game he likes, so shush. ;)

For the most part, a lot of things a very similar to previous years, but as always there are a few gems I'm excited to try. I do not use this sale to stock up at all. I use it to find a few key pieces to build next season's wardrobe around and then a few filler pieces as needed. And generally, I like to be able to wear the pieces now. So no tall boots or warm toppers just yet. I won't be seeing those until November at the earliest anyway.

I got this top at my very first sale four years ago, and it's still going strong. Anyone else excited??

Top|Eight Sixty, Jeans|J Brand, Sandals|Steve Madden, Bag|Rebecca Minkoff, Jewelry|Michael Kors, Express, Nordstrom


  1. You have definitely gotten your money's worth from that top!

    I haven't tried Nordstrom yet......I probably should have at least one piece from there....

    I've never even seen a catalog! I need to step up to the plate!

  2. Lisa, for me it comes down to quality over quantity and also, you can't put a price on good service!