Wednesday, June 27

zig zag

I love cute little summer dresses, however most of the time sundresses look (and feel) to "little". I feel like a grown up trying to wear doll clothes. That's why I was so happy to find this dress. It's shorter than my average hem length (practically speaking, dresses this short on their own just do not translate to the office, no matter what "they" say or show right now) but it's fun for casual weekend or date night. Plus, I know I can dress it for work in the fall with some leggings and a blazer.

Now that's two reasons I'm itching Fall. (It was 109 as the high today. And yes, that is a sunburn.)

Dress|Parker, Shoes|Mark and James, Jewelry|Michael Kors, Nordstrom, Ann Taylor


  1. I LOVE that dress! I agree, it's so hard to find summer dresses that aren't made for 14 year-olds! Where did you find it?

  2. What a great dress....and I also agree about how difficult it is to find good summer dresses. All I want to wear on a super hot day is a sundress. Hmmmmmm...maybe you should design some??? Fill a gap in the market!

  3. That looks fantastic on you, Sarah! BTW- your shoulders look amazing from all the lifting you've been doing. :)

  4. Great idea Lisa! In my free time... Jennifer the dress is Parker. I got mine at Nordstrom.

  5. Anonymous8:18 PM

    Fabulous dress, perfect on you!