Monday, June 18

throwdown two

On Saturday, I particated in my Crossfit's second annual Women's Throwdown. Some of you may remember the Throwdown last year. These competitions mean a lot to me because it's about a bunch of women getting together to sweat, lift, get dirty, and most importantly raise money for one of our own who is battling cancer. I don't have a cure or an answer, but what I do have is a healthy body. I love that Crossfit is just as much about fitness and strength as it is about community. I can use my passion to help someone in need.

We flipped tires, lifted stones, clean and jerked, swung kettlebells, and rowed. It was a long day, but we raised a lot of money and had a great time doing it. I know I talk about Crossfit a lot, but it's more than my daily workout. Crossfit has given me confidence in every area of my life. I'm proud to be a part of the community, and I'm proud to be strong.

Tank|WOD Love, Shorts|Lululemon, Socks|Target, Shoes|Nike, Sunnies|Ray Ban


  1. These photos are so inspiring - you are awesome!

  2. SO PROUD of YOU!!!! :)

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Good Job Sarah !!

    Also, last year you asked the ladies on YLF if we had seen any sweater vests. Land's End has them this year in all sorts of colors, in case you are still looking.

  4. You go girl! super cool.