Monday, June 25

compliments of

I got so many compliments on my outfit today. Its funny because I've worn it to work before, but for some reason people really noticed it today. Compliments are so nice! I try to give them liberally, because I love receiving them. It really makes your day. I put in effort every day, so it makes me feel special when something stands out. This is definitely the outfit I need to wear if I'm having a slightly less than perfect day.

How do compliments make you feel?

full outfit|here


  1. It's a gorgeous outfit from head to toe. I especially LOVE the bracelet!

  2. Such a fabulous outfit. I love compliments - I put effort into my outfits and think them through (not always a huge success) so it's great when someone tells you that you look great or cute or interesting.

    My daughter asked me this morning what she should say when someone pays her a compliment (she's 15) - I advised her to simply say 'thank you'. All too often we excuse something saying 'oh this old thing' or even laugh at the complimentor and that's so sad ... it takes practise I think though.