Wednesday, May 9

win win

I am on a mission for two things this summer.

1. Dresses that can be worn to work and on weekends and
2. Comfortable sandals that are more flattering on my feet.
Today's post contains both, and they make me very happy. :) I don't dress casually very often, so it doesn't make sense for me to have a lot of casual things, so if I can find something for work that I can dress down, it's perfect for the weekend.
I love wearing heels, but because of my high instep, not many will stay on my feet. The straps on these sandals keep them from flopping off.
Last summer I bought a lot of dresses that served one purpose or the other, and several pair of shoes that didn't end up working for my feet. If I only get one of each this summer I'll be thrilled.
Double win!
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  1. You look fantastic in orange, my dear