Friday, May 18

on second thought

I don't regret a lot of things in my closet, but these pants would be one of those things. I mean, it's not like I lay awake at night and beat myself up about it. After all, I did get them on sale and they are my favorite brand and cut of pants. But they are very similar in function to my blue ones and I just don't wear these that much anymore in comparison.

I prefer this combination.

If anything, this realization is helpful in planning my shopping in the future. It makes it easier to see what I may or may not get the most use out of. I also look at my closet now and find things I don't wear and try to figure out why, so when I go shopping I avoid those types of things. Something like these pants, while an entirely different color, is actually the same in function as the blue ones.

So I certainly don't need them in green, right?! ;)

**On a quick side note, a mama cat and her five babies have been living in my backyard. I reallyreally would love to find homes for them before we have to settle for the alternative (shelter). Please, please pass the word and let me know if you or someone you know is interested. Thanks!

Top|J Crew, Pants| J Brand, Sandals|Steve Madden, Bag|Rebecca Minkoff, Jewels|Michael Kors, gifted from my Grandma, J Crew


  1. That's funny how you prefer the blue. So many other bloggers seem to be going for the red right now...

  2. Fun red pants! All the brights I've added this season are blue and green. I guess I'm a water color lover. The red is lovely on you!