Wednesday, May 23


I'm in total dress mode over here. It's funny how I rotate between skirts and dresses and trousers. Right now, dresses are winning. The temperatures are already in the 90s, but more than that, I just love how comfortable, versatile, and put together dresses can be.

The majority of "summer dresses" look like little doll clothes on me, so it's been quite the mission trying to find good ones. I'm not that huge...average height, average weight, and so on, but these little dresses...I just don't know. So when I find a good one, I nab it. Have any of you experienced this lately? I see something so cute on the rack and then I put it on and feel like I should buy it for my little cat instead. Too short, too high in the waist...little tiny bands meant to hold a chest, riiiight.

Anyway, this one is none of those, thankfully! I've already worn it twice in the last week. I'll post the alternate styling soon.

Dress|Elizabeth and James, Jacket|Hinge, Sandals|Elizabeth and James, Jewelry|Sequin, Kendra Scott, Michael Kors


  1. Very true, dress shopping is a challenge! I find many are too short in length or the waist is too high on me. I am also a little picky with the material, I don't want a sack, but I don't want so much cling that I have to wear spanx everyday.

  2. Prit-tay!

    Yes! I bought a CK summer dress in an orange + raspberry sherbet print. It looked so cute online. I put it on and yes- way too short, waistband was too high even for an empire, and not enough elastic to keep it under my chest. I may put some white cropped pants under it, but I certainly couldn't wear it to work.

  3. The Kingston earrings look great with your white dress! You look so cute! Thanks so much for the love!

    XO, -Kendra