Monday, April 9


Happy day after Easter! I spent the weekend with my husband and his family - catching up, dyeing eggs, going to church, and eating too many sweets.

Growing up, my mom and then parents always got my two sisters and I new dresses (and sometimes hats) for Easter, even when times were tough. It's a tradition I have kept even as an adult, because, well, who doesn't like getting new dresses?

But seriously, there was something very special about wearing a fresh, new, pretty dress on Easter Sunday. To me, it symbolizes, spring, newness, and most of all hope - which goes hand in hand with what the day and this season means to me in general.

I found this dress on my latest shopping trip. It didn't really appeal to me on the hanger, but I really loved the fit when I tried it on. The combination of the feminine lace and almost sporty seersucker seemed like the perfect combination for me. :)

Dress|Maggy London, Shoes|Nine West, Watch|Michael Kors, Bracelet|Kate Spade via Buffalo Exchange


  1. You look gorgeous and glowing, Sarah! I love this dress. I just got some seersucker shorts at TJ Maxx and the combination of seersucker and lace in this dress is giving me ideas for my own outfits... :)

  2. Sarah, I absolutely adore a fitted dress on you and this one is just amazing in fit and fabrication! The lace on seersucker is so unusual, unexpected and AMAZING!

    I hope your Easter brought a peace within.