Monday, April 30

matter of fact

My life really isn't that exciting. I work 9-5 Monday through Friday and spend my weekends cleaning my house, running errands, and keeping up with my fur munchkins...just like most of you.

But that's my point exactly. You don't have to live a glamorous life in order to look your best.

I feel better about myself when I put a little effort in - even if I am just running to get groceries or drop the car off at the auto shop.

How about you? Do you really feel different about yourself depending on what you wear and how you present yourself in public? Do you think it really matters?

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  1. I dress pretty much the same at work and on the weekends. Having a casual dress code at work helps me a lot because my jeans can do double duty for both settings. I do admit to changing my footwear and hair though. I will not wear sneakers to work but I will on the weekends. My love of blazers and scarves are worn with both boots at work and sneakers on the weekend. I guess my feet just need a break sometimes. And I rarely wear my hair long and loose on the weekends, it's usually in an updo. At work it's often worn long and loose.

  2. Yes! This is why I love reading your blog and checking in to see what you're wearing. Your posts inspire me and keep me looking good. Thank you! :)

  3. I am a lazy person so usually I don't put that much effort in dressing up. But it is amazing how much one can gain confidence from clothes and knowing that they are looking good.

  4. I always feel better when I put myself together...even when I am just running to the grocery store! Love the simple maxi dress and vest...classic!