Monday, March 26

spring trends, the midi

With it getting warmer here by the day, I'm starting to pack up my sweaters and heavy jackets and trying to strategize my wardrobe for the upcoming season.


If you're like me, you spend hours browsing fashion blogs and retail sites and think, wow, that's just so gorgeous, and then you go back to "real" life and try to figure out what can work for you. These posts are meant to be used as guides or jumping off points. Use what you already have, or find similar pieces that work better for you.

With this first set, I decided to focus on midi skirts. When midis first hit the fashion scene this time around, I was not excited about them. I feel like the length is so tricky, and a lot of it depends on the cut, color, and fabric of the skirt and what footwear is paired with it. But it is a huge trend currently, and I've found ways it can work for me.

These idea sets will definitely cater to my personal taste, but there are ways to switch it up to make it more personal. For example, there is a lot of bright color mixing going on currently, but that just isn't me. But if it's you, swap out this skirt for violet, and the sweater for a citron stripe. Also, many midi skirts are fuller, but that cut does not suit my body shape. It you like the fuller skirt, opt for a closer fitting top than the one I've chosen for this set.

I've chosen a chunky sandal to add modern edge to the more conservative hemline. The peach blush and cornflower blue crossbody bag are the finishing touches that really say Spring.

Now its time for you to go play around with different pieces and see what you come up with!


  1. Yeah, every time I see that skirt length I have horrible childhood flash-backs. I don't think I can do it yet. Maybe when it's about to go out of style...

  2. I understand! I'll have some visuals later this week that will hopefully help. I'm very picky with this trend. ;)