Friday, March 2

quick fix remix

You probably recognize this top from just the other day. I have zero shame wearing something I love back to back. That's the beauty of remixing. Unless it's bright pink jeans, nobody will really notice. O:)

I'm very ready for a relaxing weekend. I love my new busy schedule, because I enjoy weekends even more. We are going to be putting in new wood floors and have to go pick up more of the flooring this weekend. My little car can't do enough for the whole house in one trip, poor girl.

Happy Friday!!!

Top|Equipment, Jacket|Hinge, Jeans|J Brand, Earrings|Kendra Scott, Watch and shoes|MK, Ring|Harolds


  1. I will often wear the same outfit (at at least most of it) on Friday's and Saturday's. I don't see coworkers on the weekend so I figure no one but me realizes I am repeating back to back. And this makes getting out the door on Saturday to do chores a cinch! Lovely remix of the new shirt here.

  2. *blown away*


  3. You are so pretty! And I LOVE your style!