Wednesday, March 14

just a dress

This dress is one of those things I've had for years and years and sometimes it loves me and sometimes it doesn't.

I actually took it to be consigned a few times, but nobody bit. I was recently cleaning out the trunk of my car (where all my donations and consignment live) and I found this dress and actually squealed. I'd been thinking about it after I got this one, and was kicking myself for getting rid of it. Surprise, surprise. :)

This is one of those "do I look fat in this?" dresses. You know, you have them too. You love them but you feel like a large blob in them? Right.

But sometimes? Sometimes I just wear things because I like them. Sometimes it just isn't worth thinking about it too much. Just wear the dress and be happy. If I can just love the dress, it just might love me back. <3

Dress, Ring Bracelets|J Crew, Shoes|Seychelles


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I know exactly what you mean, and I struggle with just wearing something because I like it, or wearing what others think I look good in. I don't know, I think life is too short to just wear what others like for you! ENJOY!

  2. ACK! Thank the Lord this dress was spared! I ADORE it on you!!! Are those shoes new?

  3. That dress is really cute. We don't have to wear figure flattering things all the time, right!?

  4. Keep hands out of pockets and you'll be fine. Love the dress in the bottom picture, not so much in the first one. Love the blog.

  5. I love this dress, Sarah! I remember it, and I think it looks really nice on you. I'm glad it was saved from the donate pile. :)

  6. This dress is adorable! You should definitely keep it out of the donation pile.

  7. Marvelous dress.... and right on trend :)