Friday, March 23


I absolutely love my new job. It's been so refreshing to learn again and be challenged on a daily basis. I love taking ownership of my work and being responsible for how I perform again. The only "negative" is that I never shop anymore. I don't even shop online. I just don't have time!

So I'm so grateful when I do get the opportunity to pop my head up out of the busy-ness of work and home life to see what great options are out for the upcoming season.

I'm very minimal in my personal style, but one thing I try to incorporate in my looks is a third piece. It takes a look from uniform to unique, in my opinion. It's tough to do here once summer hits, so I'm always looking for pieces like this white sweater. Pieces that add interest, but are cool enough to wear in the hottest months.

I also found my spring bag! All this time I was expecting to find either a taupe or cornflower blue solid bag, but I kept coming back to this print. I'm one of those who wears black year 'round, and I feel like adding the whimsical print will keep it from looking too serious in summer.

Sweater|Michael Kors (coral version available online), Tank|Target, Pants|J Brand, Shoes|Steve Madden (2010), Bag|Rebecca Minkoff


  1. Whoa! The new bag is gorgeous!!! Super find! It definitely goes with everything and every season! Perfect size, too!

    Love your new sweater!

    From the first photo (due to wind, I see), I thought you had gotten your hair cut! :)

  2. LOVE that bag! Great choice. I have a hard time with summer dressing as well because I love a third piece...I need to get a sweater like that for sure.

  3. I love your new bag and your sweater! You look so fresh and ready for spring! :)

  4. Nuh uh... you did *not* find that bag!

    I've decided to do the 3rd piece thing for my look- which I am just beginning to define. heh But in the summer, somebody always cranks the AC waaaay down. You know all about that from personal experience.

  5. OMG I covet that bag. COVET.
    You sure do manage to find the perfect bags.

  6. Love everything about this outfit!

  7. Thank you all! I've had fun with my new bag. :)