Monday, March 12

chocolate buttercream

When I was little (and not so little), we'd go visit my Grandparents who lived two states away. Every time we arrived my Grandma would have a chocolate cake baked and ready for us to help frost. Her signature was a devil's chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting. I love that frosting even now, if not more for the memories it holds. This trench reminds me of her rich, buttery frosting. Mmm.  

Trench|Robert Rodriguez (Rack), Sweater|Nordstrom, Blouse|Equipment, Pants|Express, Watch|Michael Kors


  1. I totally get it:) The coat is awesome - is it leather?

  2. What a fun way to wear a sheer blouse! Also, that coat is lovely.

  3. SOOOO DREAMY. Loved the story, too. :)