Tuesday, February 21

wish you were here

After six years of living in Austin, I decided it was time to find the "Greetings from Austin" mural.

Despite the sun, it's been chilly again lately, so even though I've worn this vest a lot, I wanted to wear it for what could be the real "last time" this season. Gotta take what you can get around here. :)

Sweater|Gap, Vest|Nordstrom, Jeans|J Brand, Bag|Rebecca Minkoff (TJMaxx), Boots|Luxury Rebel, Earrings|Kendra Scott


  1. Love the vest for this look! The earrings look so fabulous with it too!

  2. This outfit looks straight off a runway, it has that "rich girl" vibe with the black and fur texture. I adore this outfit. And the sign is a super colorful and perfect backdrop for the neutral outfit. I saw your CH black bag in Nordie's recently and was surprised how lightweight it is for it's size. What a great purchase that was!

  3. Ahhhh....wish I was there, too! The red bag is the perfect pop for this ensemble. I totally dig that furry gilet. So happy you are getting to rock it!

  4. Anonymous12:36 PM

    And where is the sign?

  5. who knew, I live in Austin too. And I have been here 6 years and never seen the sign.....