Friday, February 3

t. g. i. f.

Yay it's Friday. :) This has been a full week and I'm looking forward to putting my feet up and watching two football teams I'm fairly meh about play a great game. I really enjoy the sport of football and I can be quite interested in a game even if it isn't one of "my" teams.

Karen Kane sent me this sweater awhile ago and I wanted to wear it one more time before spring arrived. Regardless of what any groundhog says, it is already spring-like here in Texas. I'm crossing my fingers I can wear boots even just one more time, but we'll see.

Yesterday was a big milestone for me. It is the first time I've lifted 100 pounds over head. I also just got unassisted pull ups on the bar last week. :D I think all the stress of my job situation helped me perform better in the gym. Or something.

Happy weekend!!

Jeans|J Brand, Top and bracelet|Gap, Sweater|c/o Karen Kane, Jacket|Express, Boots|Steve Madden, Watch|Michael Kors, Bag|Cole Haan, Sunnies|Ray Ban


  1. Effortless layering and a brown and black mix? Kiss of perfection!

  2. This outfit is so cool! I would wear the whole thing in an instant! You look fabulous.

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Very cute outfit and congrats on the Crossfit accomplishments! I am currently recovering from a very sore calf after box jumps last Saturday...

  4. Great casual Friday look. I especially like the sweater with the contrast of the cognac boots.