Thursday, February 2

i'll try that

I rarely have time to browse magazines or catalogs anymore, but I generally do try to browse J Crew's catalogs when they arrive. For the most part I get frustrated with their adorable-yet-super impractical layered looks, but occasionally I do stumble across something that inspires me.

The great thing about being inspired is that there is no pressure to be what you aren't. You can use the items you have to make it your own. I could have substituted the shoes for another color or even changed the top. There is no "right" way to be inspired. But I loved the blush and red combination and happened to already have these pieces.

What's the last thing that inspired you? Did you like the outcome?

Blouse|Equipment, Jeans|J Brand (via Buffalo Exchange), Shoes|Me Too (via TJMaxx), Watch|Michael Kors, Bracelet|J Crew, Lips|NARS Heat Wave


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Love this! This has me inspired too. I'm already plotting a copycat outfit that would work for my office. I'm thinking beige blouse bc I don't have blush, black ankle length pants, red semi-wedge pumps.

  2. You inspired me again! Expect a shout out on YLF forum soon. :)

  3. That Blush Blouse is the Wonder Blouse!!! So lovely!

  4. Florida Gator9:11 AM

    Cute! I've been following your blog for a while and always enjoy your posts. I saw this outfit on another blog today (not my blog!) and thought, this reminds me of your style - so I just thought I would share :)