Tuesday, February 28

eye spy

I go through phases where I find a new eye look and stick with it for up to a few weeks at a time. Lately I've been doing a very simple day look that's easy for me to do quickly in the morning. I am leaving 45 minutes earlier in the mornings than I used to, so the more streamlined my routine, the better. :)

First, I apply Chanel's Illusion d'Ombre Longwear Shadow in "Fantasme" (I know, really??!!) using my fingers. I apply it from lashline to crease.

Then I take a shadow just barely darker than my skin tone, which in my case is MAC's "Wedge", and sweep it across my crease, using a windshield wiper like motion.

With both Fantasme and Wedge applied:

Next I take a gel liner and apply with a thin brush, to both upper and lower lashes. I create a slight winged look by drawing the brush past my natural lash line and sweeping it up just a bit.

I finish by curling my lashes and applying two coats of mascara.

And that's it! :)


  1. I love this look, Sarah! Swap out the Fantasme for MAC's Bare Study and brown gel liner for black and that's pretty much what I wear everyday. But I might have to try a silvery shadow across the lid now! :)

  2. Thanks for the step by step and the photos! Seeing photos helps a lot. Whenever I get a make-over at the make-up counter, I get overwhelmed with all the make-up and steps they use. A simple how too is far more helpful. And this is a lovely daytime look you have here.

  3. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I like that. I feel an experiment coming on with my Naked palette to recreate this look!

  4. Professional applications every time! I love it. Now if only I could get the hang of this....