Monday, February 27


Now that I'm working full time (and commuting for what feels like an additional part time gig), I've been spending a lot less time browsing online. I've turned into a brick and mortar shopper again! I went last weekend and picked up four things for our "wing"...still technically winter, but feels like spring?

I picked up two blouses (this is one of them), two sweaters (this is one of them), and one more pair of black pants. I realized on my way home though, that I hardly have any non black, non denim bottoms for work. So that'll be my priority on my next shopping trip. It's interesting morphing my old work dress code into my new work environment. I had no idea how much I relied on denim, especially my colored denim, to get me through the work week! Fortunately, I can wear denim on Fridays at my new job.

I've also realized that I'm not wearing dresses or skirts much at all (yet again, another reason I enjoy blogging, I get to keep better tabs on my wardrobe habits). I think it's because once summer hits, I'll be wearing nothing but skirts and dresses. At least that's my theory. ;)

Blouse and sweater|Halogen, Pants|Gap, Shoes|Nine West, Necklace|Buffalo Exchange


  1. Great new finds, and I love your layering. I especially love that blouse, and a camel/brown and black combo is always very nice.

  2. Gorgeous new blouse and sweater. I kept eyeballing that sweater in the store myself but none of the colors were working for me. I hope they come out with more colors at a later date. And I really like the bit of print peeking out. I've been trying this myself lately as a baby step way to add prints to my wardrobe. But those colors on you take the cake for this outfit, simply divine! I am looking forward to how you dress for work without skirts or black trousers. I'm stumped on that myself!

  3. I need colorful work trousers too!!
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  4. Only one word will sum up my feelings:


  5. Thank you all! I do have some colored trousers (I'm hoping my J Brand colored skinnies will be accepted as "twill" and not as denim) so I'll start rotating those in soon. I'll keep my eye out for great finds and keep you posted!

  6. Cute look! That brown colors suits you well!

  7. I love this outfit! Love that it's a neutral color palette but is made so fun with the texture & pattern! Adorable!