Friday, January 20

zero to sixty

I'm in a race to wear all of my warm things because we have been in the mid 70s and even 80 this week. It's just not fair! It's January! *pout*

I realize many of you are stuck in blizzards, so you have zero sympathy for me. I just miss having a half decent winter. I love layering and bundling and getting "stuck" at home because of snow.

This is probably one of the last times I'll get to wear this vest, unless we get the February Freeze like we typically do.

But I suppose the grass really is greener, as they say. And I do have to admit that I've actually had fun planning for spring and summer wear for the first time in...ever.

Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm or cool, whatever the case may be. ;)

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  1. I just love that dotted blouse! So versatile and amazing. You look great!

  2. Sarah, I know what you're talking about, I live in Israel and we have maybe 1.5 month winter. I have to make a schedule to wear all my fave winter clothes, boots, booties and scarves! It's so hot here in the Spring-Summer-Autumn that you can't even wear a scarf! What is that?
    We've been blessed with a cold wave (I'm ashamed to even call it cold) so I've been trying to use it to my advantage. Good luck to us both!

  3. We usually have cold winters here. And we have had cold days but it's been rather mild, and while I am enjoying not having to shovel every few days, I do miss my heavier weight sweaters.