Tuesday, January 10

winter mix

Now that we're actually seeing some sort of "winter" season here, I've really been loving

Warm hands for my work outs

Lululemon Define jacket

Vibrant pastels to make it look like spring on my fingers

OPI Fiercely Fiona, Revlon Minted, butter LONDON Teddy Girl

Spending a few moments alone with a warm mug, jotting down my thoughts from the day

Best New Years gift from a friend :)

Comfort food, Paleo style

Zucchini "pasta" with homemade meat sauce

What's been keeping you warm during the chilly days?


  1. yum. I love that jacket and what a cool idea for a journal! And dinner? Oh yes please.

  2. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Ooh, I love the pastel nail colors! Now I want some, too. :)

  3. Love the zucchini idea! That's going on the menu soon! :)

  4. Anonymous1:00 PM

    I just did zucchini pasta with a pesto sauce last night - yum!