Thursday, January 12

style star

I feel like such a rock star in these pants. :) I haven't worn them to work until now, though, because I've always felt that they are a bit "much" for an insurance office. But the basic blazer and subtle star print top restrain them just enough, in my opinion.

I love that my closet is finally at a point where most things I have are versatile enough to be dressed up or down - taken to work, or out on the town.

And to me? that's what my personal style is. A closet full of things I love and make work together within my lifestyle. Because this way, at any given moment or situation, I can be 100% genuine me.

Jacket and blouse|Zara, Jeans|J Brand, Shoes|Nine West, Jewels|Nordstrom, Michael Kors, Express

Photos: Ana


  1. love you in these jeans! I love what you said about personal style.

    Would you share what your 10 closet staples are?!

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Love this, definitely work appropriate. I want a pair of blue pants now!

  3. To me this is a classic outfit with a little spice. The idea: blazer, blouse and jeans is classic. But the spice is in those fun blue jeans. Great color!

  4. I think of this a classic outfit with a glamorous rockstar twist. I love it!