Monday, January 30

something different

Sometimes I just feel like trying something a little different. Since all we did yesterday was run a few errands (including spending two? hours at Home Depot) I figured I had nothing to lose if I didn't like the end result.

I saw these boots a few months ago when they first came to Target, but I didn't consider them until I saw them marked down to $8.60. (I know!) They are comfortable too, which is a pleasant surprise.

Jeans|J Brand, Tank and Boots|Target, Sweater|Nordstrom, Scarf|Marc Jacobs, Watch|Michael Kors, Sunnies|Ray Ban


  1. Love, Love, Love!!!! *flashing lights*

  2. You look like you walked out of the pages of a fashion magazine in this outfit. A homerun look! And those booties are really fab.

  3. This is a great look! I love all the shades of blue from bright to navy - you look polished by still very cool. Great find on those booties!