Friday, January 6


Six years ago today I married my best friend, and we are happier now than we've ever been. I was entirely clueless when it came to choosing my dress. I spent most days in sneakers, jeans, and a corporate button down and that was "my style". I did know I wanted a romantic evening wedding, so I knew I wanted a train.

Armed with that criteria, I hit my first dress shop. I tried this dress on first and decided it was the one.

I pulled it out the other day to try it on for the very first time since my wedding day. It doesn't fit well after my significant weight loss, although for the first time I was able to actually wear the shoulder straps AROUND the shoulder!

There are many memories wrapped up in this dress. I am not very sentimental though, and have wanted to sell it so many times. But I'm glad I tried it on again. It reminds me how far Bryan and I have come in six years - as individuals and as a couple.

Here's to the next six! :)

Original pictures seen here


  1. Happy anniversary, Sarah and Bryan! :)

    Sarah, I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. What a gorgeous dress!

  2. it's a beautiful dress and totally timeless! best wishes for many more years (a lifetime!) of happy married life!

  3. Happy Anniversary! You look radiant!

  4. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy Anniversary! A timeless dress, so pretty!