Thursday, January 5


With this whole losing my job situation I've started to be more aware of what I spend and how versatile and useful each new item is.

I've also spent more time browsing Buffalo Exchange than ever. It's hit or miss for me, but when I hit, I usually hit big. I love my new (literally, brand new) Rebecca Taylor Puma sweater (meow) and Theory wool blazer. I'm most excited about the sweater. :)

Yesterday I met up with my friend Ana for a photography session and impromptu shopping trip.  

Sweater|Rebecca Taylor, Skirt|Zara, Jacket|Theory, Shoes|Salvatore Ferragamo, Ring|Martin + Osa


  1. You could make just about anything look good!

  2. Hi Sarah

    I think you should become a stylist and personal shopper - then you get to do the things you love all day long :-)


  3. Okay, of course you know I love the outfit! :) I'm always so amazed at the fabulous things you find at Buffalo Exchange. I also agree with Ez's comment above. ;)

  4. What great finds!