Tuesday, January 3

for reals

Happy 2012! I rang in the New Year quietly with my husband and our sweet kittehs. It was so nice to relax, unwind, and make plans for this upcoming year.

I love the New Year. It's refreshing, inspiring, and motivating. Kind of like moving. It's a chance to start fresh and renew your goals.

This year is starting off a little scary for me because in just a few weeks, I will be jobless. My boss is retiring and I have been frantically searching for something new. It was so easy to get anxious and stress about it, but as Bryan reminded me yet again, there is no sense in stressing about things we have no control over.

And that's really so true, isn't it? And the reality is, I'm kind of excited about my future and what it holds for me. This is my opportunity to really do what I want and be who I've dreamed I'd become.

We spend so much time waiting for life to happen, but life is RIGHT NOW. I have so much I want to accomplish, and I've spent all this time dreaming really, really big.

But this is my year to live it. I'm going to make it happen. It's going to be me. :)

Jacket|Hinge, Tank|Target, Jeans|J Brand, Shoes|Luxury Rebel, Ring|Martin + Osa, Watch|Michael Kors

Whether your goal is fitness related or not, I strongly encourage you to read this post. It gave me a new outlook on this new year...a perspective I never saw before.


  1. Thanks for the link - it articulated lots of the things I have been grappling with of late. And best of luck with the job hunt.

  2. I love this simple, casual outfit, Sarah! I'd wear it in a second. :)

    Good luck on the job search. I really like what you said about living your life this year. I need to remember that!

  3. I really like that you can link back to the other outfits with these items. I like going through the different variations. This red jacket is such a great piece. And is lovely paired with black. Have you tried it against white yet? Might be fun.

    Sorry to hear about your job. A few years ago I walked into work one day, and was handed a letter. I was never unemployed before and it terrified me. Looking back now it was once of the best things that could have happened. I got out of a job I did not like, I planned my wedding without added stress of a job and found a new job right after the honeymoon. I still love my "new" job. I hope you find a job you are very happy with. Sometimes it's hard to see at first how change can bring a great new opportunity!

  4. Happy New Year Sarah and sorry to hear about your job. You have a blog award over at my blog:



  5. Sarah, you are an amazing, beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing always!

  6. Thank you all!
    Cait, that post really fueled my fire for the new year.
    Ana, I'm glad you like the outfit!
    Lisa, great idea! My only white is tops or white denim cut offs...hm. ;) and thanks for sharing your story!
    How kind, Bella!
    Heather, you're a gem. For reals.

  7. I'd love to pass on this award to you because you are so charming and have great taste. I can still nominate you but you are getting so popular you almost don't qualify. If you are interested you can link back to my blog and accept. http://wearthehat.blogspot.com/

  8. I was wondering if that jacket was still in your closet! Love that you paired it with such simple, strong pieces and let all the wonderful details of it stand out.
    I am going through massive uncertainty at work right now too, although it isn't culminating in a job loss (yet). But I have been through several of those in my life. Hang in there, and stay positive: I have found that for every job change I have undergone, I have ended up in a better place. There were even times when I didn't work at all, and that gave me an opportunity to reflect and grow too. Turns out I kind of liked being a housewife for a while! :)
    Anyway, sounds like you are open to whatever happens, and that is the best attitude to have.