Tuesday, January 17

fave beauty (re) discovery of 2011

Too Faced Cosmetics Duo Eyeshadow - George & Weezie at DermStore

Too Faced George and Weezie
You know how it is. You have a mass amount of beauty products you've accumulated over the past year (s) and if you're anything like me, you buy new stuff and forget about the old stuff.

Because of my (potential lack of a) job situation, I've been spending more time going through all of my things. I "rediscovered" this eye shadow while cleaning out my makeup case, and I love it more now than the day I got it!

It's no longer available at retailers, but I did find it on Amazon. I'm a MAC eyeshadow fan for sure, but this Too Faced duo applies so velvety soft, and blends very well. The shades are a copper and a slightly yellowish gold shimmer. Perfect worn on its own in summer, or with a dark brown in the crease for fall.

What is your favorite "old" product?

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