Wednesday, January 11

double points

Look familiar? :)

Oversized blouses, skinny pants, and tall boots - a perfect uniform from fall to spring! I can add toppers as the weather permits, and it creates a whole new look. Finding ways to build on to looks is like adding an extra letter to a word in Scrabble and getting the points for it all over again.

Vest|Nordstrom, Top|Nordstrom, Pants|Gap, Boots|Steve Madden, Bracelet|Gap, Watch|Michael Kors


  1. Love this outfit Sarah, The fur gives it those extra points you were after!!

  2. Love, love, love this vest, Sarah! It's such a pretty color. So beautiful with the teal. Great outfit!

  3. Love that vest it really picks up the tones in your hair color very flattering. And you make a good point I always wear my basics and consider the topper piece or my accessories the icing on the cake.

  4. Anonymous6:57 AM

    The colors of the vest beautifully sets off the blonde in your hair. Simply, unpretentiously chic.

  5. That vest is a great topper, icing indeed!

  6. Westsidebee7:34 PM

    You look so beautiful in these shots!