Monday, December 12

walk in the park

Saturday is official errand day. I had another batch of things to consign and then we had lunch and went by the grocery store for a few days' worth of groceries.

I've been craving Matzo Ball Soup for a few days now, and after the third store we finally landed some. Mmm. Can't wait to make it!

I found these jeans last week at Buffalo (wow, I've been there a lot lately). I rarely shop consignment or thrift shops, because inevitably I end up buying something I don't need or won't ever wear. But I have been needing some slim skinnies, as the only ones I have are more of a straight leg, and are a little too bunchy to be worn under boots. I'm excited to finally have a pair!

Sweater|Gap, Tank|Target, Jeans|J Brand (Buffalo Exchange), Boots|Steve Madden, Bag|Cole Haan, Watch|Michael Kors, Bracelets|J Crew


  1. You fill wardrobe gaps brilliantly!

  2. Anonymous12:48 PM

    These look fabulous on you! Great find!

  3. Ooh, great score at BE! I got two pairs of skinny jeans there last Thursday.

    You look great! I love those boots.

  4. I love that sweater. I need to find a nice, light gray one like yours and then style it similarly.

  5. These jeans look great, a super find! This outfit is simple yet modern, nice job!