Thursday, December 22

top 5 gifts for him

Need a last minute gift idea for him?

I usually get my husband something to do with a hobby of his (PlayStation game or Crossfit paraphernalia) and something of my choosing.
Like one of these:


Okay, I admit this would be HALF for me since I have been known to stea.., er, borrow my husband's Varvatos. They are all quite nice in their own way.

2. Ray Ban aviators
...or any pair of sweet shades for that matter.

3. Tie
Ties aren't just for executives anymore. Dress it down with a button down, cardigan, and jeans, or have him wear it with a sharp suit to take you to dinner.

4. Watch
He's probably due for an updated one, right?

5. iPad case
You know, something that says it as HIS, not yours. ;)

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