Thursday, December 29


I've been wearing this vest a lot lately. Its funny how sometimes you get things because you like them (of course)  but then you don't wear them as often as you anticipated. But then one day, it all changes, and you can't wear it enough. I've noticed (because I photograph what I wear almost every day, heh heh) that I go through phases of my personal style.

Apparently I'm in a furry phase right now.

Vest|Nordstrom, Blouse|Equipment, Jeans|J Brand, Booties|Cole Haan, Necklace|Who knows? via Buffalo Exchange


  1. I absolutely love this outfit, Sarah! I'm not into most of the fur vests I'm seeing right now, but when I see you wear this vest, it makes me want one too! ;) I also really like the blush blouse. I'm starting a "nude mood" right now, where I really want to wear a blush/nude colored item in almost every outfit. I consider you the queen of neutrals, so I'll probably be asking you for some styling advice. :)

  2. Yep, I do love my neutrals, what can I say. ;) I felt the same way about vests for awhile until I tried this one. Now that they are more "common" you should have a lot of styles and colors to choose from!

  3. Awww. I've got a faux fur vest that I thought I would wear every where and I haven't even worn it once yet. =(

  4. I'm really enjoying the vest trend right now but this one is probably my favorite of those I've seen. I like that it has nice texture and isn't super bulky. What a great find.