Monday, December 5

one groovy chick

Nope, I'm not wearing this today. The time and temperature changes have really thrown my daily photography of outfits for a loop. I'm having to *schedule* sessions with my hubs before or after the fact, depending on when he's home, weather and lighting. Primarily lighting. I still get dressed up in the rain but if it's too dark I can't capture it on camera. 

Until then I appreciate you bearing with me. I'm trying to learn how to use my camera that is too smart for me and figure out how I can get photos indoors on days like today. 

Back to the outfit, though. This is one of my favorites. I love neutrals in various textures accented with one bold pop of color. The ring is part of my birthday gift from my family. It packs a bold punch, and I love it! 

Dress|Rag and Bone, Vest|Nordstrom, Bag|Cole Haan (gift from hubs), Watch|Michael Kors, Leggings|Macys, Shoes|Luxury Rebel, Ring|Gift


  1. Ana Farrish9:58 AM

    Holy cow! I LOVE this outfit! It's the accessories that do it for me, with the simple black dress as backdrop, the details on the handbag, the fur vest and the ring all really stand out and add a lot of interest. I LOVE the ring! Did you get that in Seattle? I want to see it in real life! : D

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Love this - very groovy : )

  3. Ginny3:22 PM

    love this, that vest really sets off this look!!! I like this dress with leggings/tights gives you a nice long line!!

  4. I hope to see you wear those shoes again with other outfits! Are they new? I don't think I've seen them on here before...

  5. Thanks, everye! Ana, yes the ring is from my trip to Seattle. Alex, the shoes are new! I will definitely wear them more. :)